• Pixel Challenge

    The greatest digital creation competition in Canada

    April 5-7, 2018 | The Terminal | Québec City

  • Pixel Challenge

    48 hours to create a video game, an animation short film or a sound design piece

    Pixel Challenge logo with venue and dates

    What is Pixel Challenge?

    A competition for creators of the digital era

    Pixel Challenge is an international video game, animation, music & sound design and script writing competition that takes place in Québec City, April 5-7, 2018. Participants have 48 hours to shine and show what they are made of!



    Registration deadline : March 29


    Pixel is a proud collaborator of Semaine Numérique de Québec


  • Categories and Prizes

    4 categories / 11 prizes

    Money, money, money !

    Loto-Québec logo, sponsor of the video game pro grand prize of $5000

    Video game


    $5 000

    Ubisoft Québec logo, sponsor of the video game student prize of $2500

    Video Game

    Student Category

    $2 500

    Quebec City logo

    Animation 2D

    $2 500

    Quebec City logo

    Animation 3D

    $2 500

    Peak Media logo, sponsor of the music of an animation prize of $500

    Music of an Animation


    Peak Media logo, sponsor of the sound design of an animation prize of $500

    Sound Design of an Animation


    Peak Media logo, sponsor of music of a video game prize of $500

    Music of a Video Game


    Peak Media logo, sponsor of the sound design of a video game prize of $500

    Sound Design of a Video Game


    SilverJack Audio logo, sponsor of the Music & Sound Design coup de coeur prize of $500

    Music & Sound Design
    Judges' "crush" prize


    Logo Cinéma Le CLAP

    Scenario of an animation


    SPIRA logo

    Scenario of a video game


  • The judges

    Picture of Katleen Evers


    Founder and CEO, 4EversGames - France

    JUDGE - Video Game PRO

    In the Gaming Industry for more than 10 years as Key Account Manager, Katleen took new, fresh start, heading for innovative adventures and exciting challenges! 4EversGames was born! Katleen’s job is all about the Day-to-Day life of PC Games with worldwide partners, supervising setups and promotions, hunting down one-shot deals and coordinating awesome business opportunities. 4EversGames’s drive is to help, assist and advice Developers and Studios with their games and the digital distribution of their PC content. Creating a unique partnership, heading for prodigious, future adventures, that’s the goal of 4EversGames. Games and Passion.

    Picture of Vincent Lauzon


    Innovation Analyste, Loto-Québec - Montréal

    JUDGE - Video Game PRO

    Vincent Lauzon began his career as a YA writer, in French. At the age of 18, he was nominated for the GGs for his book Le pays à l'envers. He did not win. He swerved into what used to be called multimedia. He did research and copy writing for a while, and he designed puzzle and casino games, before joining Loto-Québec, where he's been working in R&D for just under 20 years. Next time you buy a 6/49 ticket at the dep: that little jingle? He did that.

    Picture of Dorian Mastin


    Art Department Director, Technoló​gico de Monterrey - Mexico

    JUDGE - Video Game PRO

    Dorian Mastin, currently coordinates the art department at the tecnológico of Monterrey, in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-founder of Cosmogonia, a studio dedicated to the video game and the creation of interactive experience. www.cosmogonia.mx.
    Producer, artistic director and sound designer on several video games for mobile phones and consoles. Music composer and sound designer for short films. Graduated from the school in Lorient, France, as well as a master in video games and digital media from l'ENJMIN, in France.

    Picture of Jonathan Bedard


    Associate Director - Presentation, Ubisoft Québec

    JUDGE - Video Game STUDENT

    Jonathan Bédard has over twelve years of experience in the video game industry, notably as Game Designer and Association Director – Presentation at Ubisoft Quebec City. Over the years, he worked on many games, including Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Might & Magic – Duel of Champions. Jonathan makes a point of sharing his passion and extensive experience to the future generation of developers, as Game Design teacher at Cégep Limoilou. It will be Jonathan’s second experience as judge for the Pixel Challenge and he can’t wait to see what the participants are made of!

    Picture of Samuel Alexandre Bourret


    Studio Director, Sarbakan - Québec City

    JUDGE - Video Game STUDENT

    Samuel-Alexandre Bourret has over 20 years experience in HR and general management. During his career, he has managed several projects regarding labor relations and negotiations, team-building initiatives, mobilization strategies, organizational restructuring, and recruitment. Samuel-Alexandre joined Sarbakan in 2009 where he has participated in several mobile and console projects.

    Image of the cubes from Pixel Challenge logo


    Senior Lead Designer, Beenox - Québec City

    JUDGE - Video Game STUDENT

    François Taddei has been sharing his passion for video games for 25 years. After he worked as a video game clerk at a small computer shop, he became known for his work on television, radio and online, as a reporter, host and producer. He joined Beenox in 2004, and occupied the positions of spokesperson, game designer, lead designer and senior lead designer. Over the years, he worked on video game franchises such as Spider-Man, Skylanders and Call of Duty. Even though working in the game industry can be time consuming, he still manages to teach video game culture. In 2016, he earned an Active Vision Award for his contribution and engagement towards Activision.

    Picture of Cyrielle Barreteau


    Quality Control Team Lead, Ubisoft - Québec City

    JUDGE - Video Game STUDENT

    Cyrielle Barreteau has extensive experience in the video game industry, acting as a quality control team at Ubisoft Québec since January 2016. Between 2011 and 2015, she held the same post at Beenox, working with franchises Like Skylanders and the Amazing Spider-Man. Of French origin, Cyrielle made her debut in the video game as game tester quality control at Lightning Fish Games in the United Kingdom. She will be at her first experience as a judge at the Pixel Challenge and is extremely excited to meet the competitors and compétitrices!

    Picture of Jeff Viel


    Director, Design Services, BKOM Studios - Québec

    JUDGE - Video Game STUDENT

    Jeff has 20 years of experience in interactive medias and video games. He has been involved in the development of mobile games as well as PC games. He was the Lead UI Artist on Little Lords of Twilight, Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation (Dungeon & Dragons), Star Wars Heroes Path, Mix + Smash MARVEL Super Hero Mashers, Star Wars Studio FX and many more.

    Picture of Christian Bermejo


    Artistic Director, Pixelatl - Mexico

    JUDGE - Animation

    Artistic director at Pixelatl in charge of guests, program and content of the Festival, Ideatoon Summit, Pixelatl comics editorial and Ideatoon animation development bootcamp. Coordinator of the Focus on Mexican Animation at Annecy Festival 2015 and mexican delegation at MIFA since 2014. Animation investigator and writer with credits at “Stan Winston School of Characters Art”, Cartoon Brew and local specialized media in Mexico. Stop motion artist at heart.

    Picture of Marine Lelievre


    Vice President Strategy & Alliance, PopcornFX / Persistant Studios - Montréal

    JUDGE - Animation

    With over 20 years’ experience within the entertainment industry; Video games (Ubisoft, Game On, Connection Events, PopcornFX), Recording (Warner Music Group, EMI Music) & Film industry (Intrigue Productions, Muse Entertainment, TV & Movie Council), Marine Lelièvre has a full field of expertise ranging from Animation & VFX industry to video games, Management of international artists & Advertising. Thanks to her huge experience in production & PR management, Marine, created Effects MTL in 2015, 1st VFX & Animation business conference east coast / North America, taking place each year in Montréal (Canada). She is currently programming committee President of the Digital Spring Organization (+150 digital & innovative event each year), Active member & speaker for Women in games France and Canada, and VP Strategy & Alliance at PopcornFX.

    Picture of Fraser MacLean


    Co-Founder / Co-Director, The Animation Centrifuge - Scotland

    JUDGE - Animation

    Fraser MacLean is a Co-Founder and Co-Director of The Animation Centrifuge, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve the relevance and quality of animation and VFX training, bringing students, graduates and industry practitioners together with the industry’s top professionals. He’s also the author of “Setting The Scene: The Art & Evolution of Animation Layout” which was described by Total Film Magazine as, “….a museum, a film school and an art gallery all in one”. He has been working in commercial animaiton since 1987 and his screen credits include “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, “Space Jam” and Disney’s “Tarzan”. Fraser continues to teach at a wide range of different universities, colleges and art schools in a number of different countries - including Norway, Scotland, México and Austria.

    Picture of Philippe Lanoix


    Animation Director, Mercury Filmworks - Ottawa

    JUDGE - Animation

    Philippe Lanois is an Animation Director at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa. He grew up in Ottawa and had a passion for drawing and cartoons in general. He decided to study 3D animation at Algonquin College. After completing the program he joined the Mercury Filmworks team 10 years ago. He has animated on a wide variety of projects there including Toot & Puddle, Stella and Sam, Wander Over Yonder and the new Mickey Mouse Shorts, and has directed a variety of their creative projects. He is an avid gamer and has a strong interest in video game art including 2D and 3D animation.

    Picture of Michel Labrecque


    Executive Vice-President, Associate, Peak Media - Québec City

    JUDGE - Music & Sound Design

    Michel Labrecque, Vice-président exécutif et associé de Peak Média, a débuté sa carrière comme concepteur sonore dans l’univers radiophonique en 1997. En 2001, il co-fonde à Montréal une entreprise qui deviendra Peak Média. En 2015, il revient s’installer dans sa région d’origine pour l’expansion de son entreprise dans le très dynamique quartier Saint-Roch. Il a à son actif la production de plus d’une centaine d’habillages radio, la création de milliers d’effets sonores et la réalisation de plusieurs musiques originales pour la radio et la télé, diffusés partout dans le monde. À travers les années, Peak Média a multiplié les acquisitions et s'est bâti une forte réputation Internationale. Aujourd’hui spécialisée en création sonore, musique originale et post-production multiplateforme, l’entreprise compte sur une équipe solide de plus de 40 employés et pigistes dans ses bureaux de Montréal, Québec et Paris.

    Picture of Simon Lacroix


    Founder, SilverJack Audio - Québec City

    JUDGE - Music & Sound Design

    Simon Lacroix is the founder of SilverJack Audio where he has been practicing his art since 2011. He decided to combine his two passions, sound and music, and make them his profession. He has worked on many projects with video game and animation companies around the world, including Outward from studio Nine Dots that will be released shortly. He is currently working on the web series Car City with Amuse Animation that can be seen on Youtube. He has been collaborating with companies from Toulouse and Spain on virtual sound design tools, he continues to explore all aspects of audio. In addition, Simon founded Mechanical Wave, a library of sound effects. He was able to forge a solid reputation for his two companies and make his place among the competition. Today, this young entrepreneur continues to expand his business by combining forces with other freelancers and company.

    Picture of Pierre-Luc Grondines


    Senior Sound Designer, Beenox - Québec City

    JUDGE - Music & Sound Design

    Pierre-Luc Grondines will celebrate this Summer his 10th year anniversary as a sound designer for Beenox. Passionate about music and sound design he is a proud representative of the studio's strong audio culture. In recent years, he has worked on many licenses from Activision including "Guitar Hero", "Spider-man", "Skylanders" and "Call of Duty". The variety of challenges that he has had through the company's multiple projects enabled him to develop an expertise on several types of games, as well as titles for children and hyperrealistic games for a more mature audience.

    Picture of Mathieu Robineau


    Composer - Sound Designer, Robin C - Saint-Hyacinthe

    JUDGE - Music & Sound Design

    Mathieu Robineau is a rising star of the art of sound design and musical composition in Québec. His journey is paved of many different projects such as the sound design of video game trailers (Assasin's Creed, Watch Dogs), the music and sound design of the opening show of the Centre -Vidéotron and the creation of the soundtrack of Samuel Matteau's first feature film "Ailleurs".


    A devout lover of music and cinema, Mathieu co-founded Robin C, a post-production company. His expertise and talent have been expressed through different mediums such as cinema, video game, international advertising, events and artistic-theatrical installations.


    These experiments have refined his innate sense of music and have developed his way of thinking, building and creating music. He actively participates in the cultural effervescence of Québec through his projects and his reflections on sound. For him, everything is audio, everything is music.

  • Programme

    What, when and where...

  • Rules, regulations & general info

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    Don't forget to pair up with a sound designer. Download the list of participants HERE.


    The parental consent form for the participants who are under 18 years old on April 5th, is at the last page of the Rules and Regulations document.

  • Our partners

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  • 2017 Winners

    Pixel Challenge 2017 theme : The challenge of limited space

    Video Game PRO category - Loto Québec prize

    BKOM Studios

    Video Game - Student Category

    Ubisoft Québec prize

    Red Pineapple

    Video Game - Arcade Category - Sarbakan prize

    French Frogs

    Animation Short Film Category - Canada Media Fund prize

    Kokoro et les Corinettes

    Sound Design of an Animation Short Film - Peak Media prize

    Emily Laliberté

    Music of an Animation Short Film - Peak Media prize

    Jason Létourneau

    Sound Design of a Video Game - Peak Media prize

    Xavier-Charles Fecteau

    Music of a Video Game - Peak Media prize

    Jean-François Racine

    Music & Sound Design - SilverJack prize

    Philippe Grant

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  • Pixel Challenge

    April 5-7, 2018 | The Terminal, Port of Québec | Québec City

    Terminal - Port of Québec,
    84 Dalhousie Street, Québec, QC
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